InterGuard Internal Security Threat Suite

InterGuard employee monitoring software is a complete internal threat solution downloaded to the endpoint, with four modules including Employee Monitoring, Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, and Laptop Anti-Theft Recovery.  By recording & blocking all PC activity, InterGuard protects you from Internal Threats and keeps you in compliance.




Data-TheftData Theft


Security breaches are inevitable. Worse than an actual security breach is not being able to determine “who did what when” after a problem has been discovered.
Protecting your intellectual property is difficult with a mobile workforce where over 60% of exiting employees admit to taking private company data. Interguard allows you to record all PC activity & proactively alert on suspicious behavior.
Human capital is your most vital cost. While PCs can increase staff productivity, they can also be a distraction. By recording all PC activity, both on or off network, you maximize employee productivity & ensure your resources are focused on work.